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Silica fume: A byproduct of the production of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys. Silica fume is comparable to fly ash, but features a particle size one hundred periods more compact.

A further well-liked outcome for flooring and table tops is polished concrete where by the concrete is polished optically flat with diamond abrasives and sealed with polymers or other sealants.

Pervious concrete is a mixture of specifically graded coarse mixture, cement, drinking water and very little-to-no fine aggregates. This concrete is also known as "no-fines" or porous concrete. Mixing the ingredients in the very carefully controlled procedure generates a paste that coats and bonds the aggregate particles.

Thank you for the inquiry. There isn't any provisions within just Los Angeles County Codes that need the set up of the drain with the installation of a completely new pool. Chances are you'll wish to Get in touch with the licensed contractor who installed your pool for a achievable solution. With regard towards the overflow within the pool flowing onto neighbors home, It is just a violation in the making code In case the drainage is harmful towards the all-natural flow of drinking water or In the event the h2o has the prospective to undermine structures.

We added a loved ones home off our garage with no right permit and am now in the entire process of selling this residence. I need to include this extra square footage to the total square footage of my household, but know that it must very first be authorized. How can I get this accepted now?

This example has existed for some time. As I study the codes, that scenario would make your house uninhabitable. Can Developing and Security terminate this nuisance?

For the duration of the previous few days, I are already struggling to refind this data. If this data continues to be readily available on line, please provide the url facts.

The extensive-term durability of Roman concrete constructions continues to be found to generally be as a consequence of its use of pyroclastic (volcanic) rock and ash, whereby crystallization of strätlingite as well as coalescence of calcium–aluminum-silicate–hydrate cementing binder helped give the concrete a larger degree of fracture resistance even in seismically active environments.

The mix design depends upon the type of composition remaining built, how the concrete is mixed and delivered, And exactly how it truly is put to form the structure.

Per Title Co. this home is zoned as "LCRAYY" I would like to know the which means of the code. I value why not look here any data you could probide. Thank you.

Zoning of the subject residence is claimed to get LC M2 (manufacturing). Make sure you advise where by I may get a duplicate from the zoning code or a listing of permitted employs under M2. Thank you

A constituent referred to as our Workplace re: a sofa that her neighbor has put during the driveway. Are there any ordinances regarding putting your own personal furnishings in your individual driveway?

Fashionable exams show that opus caementicium experienced just as much compressive power as present day Portland-cement concrete (ca.

Concrete Contractors LA is a full services concrete, masonry, asphalt, plus the organization with the provision and construction of anything you have found or imagined.

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